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Your Guide to Decorating Your Home for Fall

Fall brings with it everything from scary ghosts to horns of plenty. It is also time to enjoy the muted tones of fall home decor. The season officially signals an end to floral centerpieces and the beginning of more rustic, earthy decor. So, what do homeowners need to know about decorating for fall?

Great Fall Decor Recommendations

There are many fantastic ways to get the home ready for fall; homeowners could try something new every year.

Colorful, Bountiful Pumpkins

They could paint pumpkins, for example, and use them as table decor. All it would take is a few attractive stencils and a trip to the grocery store to buy the pumpkins.

Cutting the top off the pumpkin and carving out the inside provides even more possibilities. Paint the pumpkin with a fall color or Halloween design and use it as a vase for fresh flowers, for example.

The steps work well for pumpkin displays, too. Most stores have pumpkins in a variety of colors, so just pick a few and set them up on the steps. They even stack well. Just cut a hole in the bottom of each to hold them in place by the stems.

A table with bowls of pumpkins and fall flowers

Break Out the Plaid

Plaid and fall seem to go hand-in-hand. So, homeowners can put that to use as they look for ways to add a touch of fall. They might purchase plaid tablecloths and napkins for the dining room, for instance. Tie plaid ribbons around a few select lamps or hanging lights, too.

Don’t Let the Leaves Go to Waste

All those colorful leaves falling from the trees add up to inexpensive fall decor. Collect them and wire them to a grapevine wreath for an attractive and colorful wall or door hanging. Wrap bound leaves around the outdoor light for a splash of color, too.

A door with a wreath made of autumn leaves

When to Start?

When to start putting out decorations to celebrate the cooler fall season is purely a personal choice. Often people get the itch right around September when Labor Day hits. Sooner than that is a bit rushed, however.

A September timeline might include:

  • Begin removing summer decor the first week.
  • The second week, put out some seasonal stuff like fall-colored pillows and linens. Hang a fall wreath on the door.
  • On the third week, decorate the porch and front steps with pumpkins and other fall displays. It’s an excellent time to put out fall flowers, too, like colorful chrysanthemums.
  • During week four, finish up the fall stuff. Put throws out and prep the fireplace to get ready for the dropping temperatures.

Those who start the process in September will be able to dedicate all of October to Halloween. They can just put the Halloween decorations around the fall ones to get a nice, balanced mix. Then, the day after All Hallows Eve, they just put away the scary stuff and still have fall decor in place.

We are looking forward to seeing all the brilliant fall decor this year at Coyote Creek, a large-lot subdivision located in Vail, AZ. Situated in the Rincon Valley, Coyote Creek offers custom homes and gorgeous custom lots. Contact us today to learn more about life at Coyote Creek.