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Decor Ideas for Your Walls That Go Beyond Photographs

Are your walls looking a bit dull? Adding some decor is a great way to liven them up. Framed photos are the usual go-to item for wall decor, but they’re not your only option. Keep these original home decor ideas in mind to spruce up your walls and add visual appeal to any room.

Tapestry Rugs

Area rugs aren’t just for your floors. Hanging one of these rugs on your wall as a tapestry is a clever way to create an accent wall. You can choose a rug design and color scheme that contrast with the rest of your decor or go with an area rug that blends in with the surrounding decor. You can also choose different sizes depending on the effect you’re going for. Smaller rugs on the wall can add a touch of visual interest, while bigger rugs can have a more dramatic impact.

Floating Shelves

Consider putting up evenly spaced floating shelves for a tidy, streamlined look if the rest of your decor is modern or contemporary. Alternatively, you can hang floating shelves in more random arrangements on your wall for a more unusual visual effect.

Photo Collage

If you still want to put framed photos on your walls, you don’t have to hang up one or two in each room. For more visual interest, you can create a photo collage on one wall. Choose a set of photos that follow a theme, such as family vacation photos or professional family portraits from various years. Arrange these on a wall to set up a collage as decor.

Creative wall decor

Wall Sconces

Putting up wall sconces offers a way to change the look of a room while also providing extra lighting. Wall sconces are available in a wide range of styles to go with any decor. You can put up a pair of sconces on one wall to brighten up a darker area of a room, or you can put sconces on each wall to create more brightness overall.

Hand-Painted Mural

These unique wall decor ideas give you a chance to put your artistic skills to use. You can do a hand-painted mural on one entire wall to create an accent wall. For a more visually striking appearance, your hand-painted mural can cover each wall in a room.

Temporary Wallpaper

If you like how wallpaper looks, but don’t want to be stuck with the same pattern or color for years, consider temporary wallpaper. Since this wallpaper is easy to remove and change whenever you want, you can experiment with different colors, textures, and designs for your walls.

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