Master Planned Community
Acclaimed Arizona Master Planned Community

Coyote Creek is a master planned community

Coyote Creek is a master planned community, which is a property that is planned and has the zoning with any corresponding Federal requirements that are identified and approved by all. The utilities and streets are completed according to County requirements. Master planned communities are designed for homebuyers who want the peace of mind in knowing that not just anyone can come into the community through the gates at the entrance. Living in a well-run community makes it easier to be assured that the quality of your neighborhood will be properly maintained.

maintains the rich environment of the Rincon Valley.

Coyote Creek residents enjoy the benefit of a large lot subdivision that protects and maintains the rich environment of the Rincon Valley. To protect our beautiful mountain views, we have over 70% open space. We enjoy spectacular trails that lead to the Saguaro National Park, Coronado National Forest, the Arizona Trail and Arizona State land. Being connected to the terrific bicycle paths that are nationally known in Tucson is also a real asset. Our recreation center has opportunities for all ages to enjoy sports and social functions. We have an incredible equestrian center that can be used on an individual basis and is separate from the rest of the homeowner’s association. All our residents want to enjoy what we have, and we work hard together to make sure we don’t lose it. The Coyote Creek Homeowners Association is economically sound and we are proud of our low annual dues. We believe we are the best, but not the most expensive.

The community also has a set of design guidelines

The community is governed by a set of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. The community also has a set of design guidelines. The CC&R’s are recorded, and it takes a Homeowners Board to approve and change. The design guidelines can be changed by a committee and must be approved by the Board. The community lots can include a recreation area, equestrian area, dog runs, pools and more, if it meets the guidelines. The community must also have a budget that is approved every year by the members (the developer and the individuals who own the lots/homes). Some of the rules and guidelines for the homeowners to follow include:

Master planned communities are great for families. We have school bus pickups and drop off in very specific and safe areas for children within the community. Within these communities, residents work hard together to protect and develop great relationships with their neighbors. Recreational activities can add to the lives of residents and build these relationships for children or adults. We have a great plan and continue to lead the way in the Rincon Valley.