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Holiday Decorating Trends for the Season

For the 2020 holiday season, decorating has become a passion for many people. With the pandemic still raging on and so much of the country observing social distancing measures, decorating has taken on increased meaning for homes across the country. People on social media started talking about ideas for decorating as far back as the fall of this year. For those who won’t be traveling or engaging in the large celebrations that are the usual staple, being able to decorate their own homes has offered some comfort and a little something to enjoy. Many families are also operating on a much tighter budget this year. Decorating helps to fill the holiday with a bit of cheer in the simple things.

Walking or driving around to look at holiday lights is also a popular pastime this season. It’s something that’s safe for those practicing social distancing measures, but it also lets you enjoy some of the same activities you’ve loved in years past. With so many people excited about decorating, you might wonder what the latest trends are. Some people are simply putting up their usual decorations. Others, however, are pulling out the stops to create a truly magical experience.

2020 Holiday Trends to Brighten Your Season

  • In the theme of budgeting, recycling old decor, and giving it new life for the holiday season has become a great pastime. For the crafty, it gives them a fun new project and lets them use older decorations with a brand new spin.
  • Holiday Baking. Holiday baking has taken on a lot of life for the gift-giving potential, but it’s also on people’s radars for their indoor decorations. Gingerbread houses are making a big comeback as centerpieces. You can buy kits sold in most supermarkets to make the process even easier.
  • Larger Light Displays. Outside light displays have reached new heights this year, with homeowners using their creativity to create the perfect holiday display. They range from the beautiful and whimsical to displays full of jovial Santa images and silly humor.
  • Back to Basics. Rustic trees and decor are making a tasteful comeback. This great style reminds you of cabins in the woods and the types of Christmas celebrations our ancestors created many generations ago.
  • Everything Old Is New Again. There’s a great pull to recreate Christmases from the past this year. Decoration themes might include bringing back out old favorite decorations, like Grandma’s Christmas Cookie Jar or the old Ceramic Christmas Tree. Other trends that are seeing a new resurgence include snow for trees and windows, the old-fashioned large colored light strings, and fresh greenery in the shape of garlands and wreaths.

Decorations trends are all about building joy this season. Some people are using colorful lights and festive scenes. Others are relying more on simple and quaint decoration options. The best trend to follow is the one that makes you feel good this holiday season.

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