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Designing Your Home

Designing Your New Home 

Being able to build a custom house provides individuals and families with a chance to design their dream home. The first step is deciding where to have a custom home built. Once homeowners have decided on a location, they can get to work on the home design process.

Choosing a Location

Choosing a location for a custom home involves deciding on a community and choosing a lot. For those who want a home that’s close to a major metro area while offering a quiet living environment, Coyote Creek is an excellent choice. This community is located conveniently close to Tucson and includes access to outstanding schools and amenities, as well as beautiful mountain views.

The right lot for new homeowners will depend on different factors, such as personal preferences, amount of sun exposure, drainage, and landscaping. At Coyote Creek, homeowners can choose from a variety of lots offering different views and layouts. Each lot offers 1.5 acres of land, providing plenty of space for a sprawling home and spacious yard.

Choosing a Floor Plan

After choosing a lot, homeowners then have to decide on a floor plan for their custom-built home. Those who are going to build a home in Coyote Creek have different floor plan options to consider depending on which builder they work with. Floor plans for Coyote Creek are all one-story, which helps preserve the surrounding desert and mountain views. Homeowners can compare different floor plans to decide which one works best for their living situation, such as a four-bedroom plan for a large or growing family or a smaller three-bedroom plan.

Designing the Interior

When it comes to designing a custom home’s interior, there are many options and styles to consider. Homeowners can gather ideas based on the latest home design trends or choose a more timeless style for a classic appearance. Recent trends typically emphasize minimalism, which is a style that balances the natural environment with man-made designs. A custom home built in this style often has a streamlined appearance mixed with natural elements, such as plenty of natural light through windows and skylights or an indoor garden.

beautifully designed living room

From the dining room and kitchen design to the living room and bedroom design options, those who are building a custom home can choose a look that fits their lifestyle and creates the right kind of living environment. At Coyote Creek, modern concept homes with a minimalist style are a desirable choice. This style, with features such as linear elements and geometric shapes, creates a pleasant and calming living environment that blends well with the quiet, scenic natural surroundings in the community.

If you’re considering building a home in the Rincon Valley area, please contact us for more detailed information on our community. We can assist you in designing your new home in our master-planned community, as well as choosing your ideal lot. Keep in mind that our one-story limit on custom homes and our location provides everyone in our community with picturesque views of the nearby mountains.