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Designing Your Backyard with Coyote Creek

Designing Your Backyard  

Backyards provide a place to unwind or get some physical activity, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy scenic surroundings. The right backyard design can help Arizona homeowners get the most out of their outdoor space. Those who are planning to build a custom home and yard should keep the following home design trends in mind.

Consider a Pool

A swimming pool gives homeowners a convenient place to escape the Arizona heat while still being outdoors. Designing a pool involves deciding on a shape and style, such as a freeform pool or a lap pool. Pools can also have several features that enhance the swimming experience. More recent pool feature trends include built-in ledges for sunbathing, colorful underwater LED lights, and automated filtering and cleaning systems.

Homeowners also need to determine the best place in their yard for their pool. This depends on how large the pool will be and other factors, such as the layout of the yard. Keep in mind that other backyard features can be added to pools, including a deck area or a cabana.

Explore Home Entertainment Options

Homeowners can get more use out of their yard throughout the year by including home entertainment options. Recent trends in this design area include large, flat-panel TVs or even a projector for watching movies or sports games and backyard audio systems with high-quality speakers or Bluetooth speakers. Homeowners can also include a comfortable seating area for a more enjoyable experience.

Add an Outdoor Living Area

Backyards provide homeowners with a chance to get fresh air more often, especially when they include an outdoor living area. From outdoor kitchens and dining areas to outdoor living rooms, Arizona homeowners can plan on spending more time outdoors with this kind of space in their yard. Newer trends in outdoor living include kitchens with multiple cooking surfaces and ice makers, fire pit dining tables, and cozy outdoor living rooms with a stone fireplace.

Depending on yard space and other factors, such as the yard’s layout, homeowners can add one or more outdoor living areas. These areas can include a roof and side panels or sun shades to provide some relief from the desert sun. A partially or fully covered area in the yard can provide a year-round outdoor living space.

Illuminate the Yard with Lighting

Outdoor lighting can create a certain mood or atmosphere in backyards, such as a relaxing mood with softer lights or a more upbeat and lively atmosphere with colorful patio lighting. Homeowners can also include lighting that illuminates certain features of their custom home, such as an architectural feature or landscaped areas. Pathway lights, garden lights, uplights, and other types of lighting come in a wide range of styles and designs. Homeowners can choose elegant lights to enhance their yard or subtle recessed lights to provide lighting for walkways and steps.

If you’re ready to start designing the backyard you’ve always wanted, please contact us to get more information. Coyote Creek offers spacious lots and custom home design options in the Rincon Valley area.