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3 Reasons Why a Custom Home is Right for Your Family

There’s no other family on earth like yours. That’s what makes custom homes so attractive. By
building a house from the ground up, you can make your home a true reflection of your family’s style
and preferences. Add the amenities you want, create the floorplan that works for your family, and
anticipate your future needs by building a custom home instead of settling for a production home.

1. Custom homes are tailored to your lifestyle

Custom homes give you complete control over the home’s architecture, layout, and design. Add,
tweak, or completely change the floorplan until it’s exactly what you want. Desire an open floor plan
that lends itself to entertaining? Your builder will work with you to create the perfect layout that
blends form and function with enough space for plenty of seating. Need a custom wine cellar for
your collection? That can be done in a custom build. Envision a backyard oasis where your family
can gather, complete with an outdoor kitchen and in-ground pool? Designing a custom home brings
those imagined summer afternoons to life.

2. Never move again

When shopping for real estate, have you ever found the perfect house but hated the address? Maybe
the commute is a bit too far, or the schools don’t offer the right extracurricular programs. It’s
frustrating to find exactly what you’re looking for but have to pass because of the location. When you
build a custom home, you have more control over where the home is located. You can buy land in the
exact community you want to live in, giving you access to the schools and community amenities you

Tucson custom homes also allow you to plan for future needs now instead of making additions later
when it will be more expensive. Still, growing your family? Incorporate enough bedrooms now to
ensure you’ve got space for everyone. Anticipate your parents will need to live with you at some
point? Adding a guest house or an in-law suite is the perfect way to plan for what tomorrow may

3. Control your budget

When you custom build a home, you decide which aspects are the most important to you and,
therefore, where to focus your budget. If you’re after a chef’s kitchen with high-end appliances,
quartz countertops, and a pot filler above the stove, you may choose to forego heated floors in the
bathroom. If you want to create a movie theatre, you may opt for lower-grade flooring to
accommodate your budget. When you’re in control of the build, you can dictate where to spend the

From architecture to details to floor plan to money, building a custom home puts you in control. You
get to determine the features that are most important for your family’s comfort. Contact us today to
learn about building a custom home in our master-planned community in the Rincon Valley.